Saturday, 29 October 2011

Something to Describe a Friend in Life

These pictures were taken two years ago when I was 17 years old, and I came to make these as something to describe a friend. Huhuu..

A friend would always be our story of life, 
no matter how short or how long the character's role was played in our life. 

And I know every relationships will have to face obstacles and challenges along the road,
as long as we are together, we'll not be afraid anymore.

Together with smiles :)

There is it, A friend would always be in our side saying
 "don't quick, cheer up and never give up!" Yeahhh!
And in the end we'll know, whatever it is.. 
We gotta think that.. Hey, this is LIFE lah!

and ouh, can I be your friend from now on?

Dear Grey One : My Highschool Mate (Siti Aminah Nizal) 
Always in Remembrance and Loved.
Thank You for Sharing Lots of Good Memories Together.
Good Luck in UMS!