Thursday, 20 June 2013

Farewell Dears

Ku Nur Izzati Ku Ahmad Nasir

Shafira Azhari

Nuralina Maarof


We've been learning the same course for 3 years together, used to be so closed, but 

sometimes we used to be apart just doing own things. 

Because they used to help me a lot, I felt like a useless person. So I've put my distance from 

them, trying to be more independent on my own. 

I'm sorry if I've done it wrong. Sometimes I thought we're just done being friends. But trust 

me, I always thought you girls are.

But, seems like I can't believe it now that I'm seeing you girls sleeping by my side, on my 

place :D

One hugging bears like a child, one just calmly closing eyes, but one still struggling editting thesis, fighting! haha. 

They are beautiful :)

On the last day being together in UKM. Never thought that they still treat me as a good friend, like still want to do everything together.

Because we never done this before, trust me it's beautiful. Even just for a moment now, let me treasure it.

I am sorry and thank you, girls.