Friday, 5 April 2013

While Others Are

This is one of the Quotes
 that you can hold on to be a better person 
by William Arthur Ward.

Complete, isn't it?

wHOLIburdenDAYS of Break

Today is the last day for the mid-semester of 2012-2013 session in UKM.

We are going to have a week of "wHOLIburdenDAYS" which means a whole full of burden holidays. 

흐 흐 흐 ..

I should not take it as 'burden' actually, because its the job, the job of being a student.

But I feel like it is. I am sorry.

Usually, some students would think that the mid-semester break is the time have some rest,
to have some gap to start anew with something. 

They would spend all the holidays with something that they really wanted to do,
with someone that they really want to be with.

Because I used to be one of the students I knew the feeling of real holidays and I love it.

Since now I am in the last year of my studies, I guess the feeling of having holidays like that is a no no. I am sure for those who are in the same boat as me would feel like that too. For us, this is the one of the most crucial part of the life.

Having a list of lots assignments to do.

Revising for mid-semester examinations is a must.


Analyzing the works of the THESIS which takes a lot of credits in the courses list is the most critical one, because this is an individually project that we have to publish, as the course is one of the compulsory majors we need to score to graduate with good pointer. 
It takes a lot more of effort than before because you have to stand a lot more on your own.

Now, my holidays are full of thought of it.

Nevertheless, its better than not having 'holidays' at all. That at least I have some more space to rearrange everything that messed.

Alhamdulillah, thankfully to Allah for everything. 

May Allah ease everything for us.