Tuesday, 2 April 2013


[Remembrance of those hard times]

Yours left, I mean ours left. He was long gone even by the times we laughed together.

Mines left too, of course, when he want to.

I did not tell, but I guess you saw in me.

You saw me weak..

During those times, there's no other strength I have but you, Mother.
I may feel alone somehow, but let all the good memories company me.
I may look weak sometimes, but inside I want to have those strengths like yours.
I might be not perfect, but all I want to do is the best for all.

Yes, somehow I have been falling and giving up.
But I will never forget to crawl back slowly, then walk and run again.

You do not tell but I know, I see it.
I have to be your strength too.

For you Mother, and I hope it can be for everyone too.

I Miss You, Mr. Dark Blue Morning.

There was the times that I have no problem with this, but lately, I've always (barely) woke up late around 7.00 o'clock in the morning, Just so you know at 7.00 a.m we can see that the sun are already/getting ready to show at the edge. 

This keeps me frustrated since I realized that I am actually in a loss for not be able to wake up earlier. Because at 7 I should just going rush to do my prayer (Subuh) and not able to do much for it, even to get ready for the day. 

I should wake up in a dawn for the good of it,

I am afraid if this going to be a bad habit. 

This is my love/hate relationships with mornings. I love the feeling of the "Dark Blue Morning", the peaceful and fresh, but I hate it that I have a really hard times to wake up just at the right time that I should.

I should try harder, to take in the feeling of starting fresh with lots of hopes for mercy, healthy, wealthy, happiness and loves.

Put the past behinds, renewed the faith and hope for brighter future.

May our tomorrows are better than today's, InsyaALLAH.