Tuesday, 2 April 2013


[Remembrance of those hard times]

Yours left, I mean ours left. He was long gone even by the times we laughed together.

Mines left too, of course, when he want to.

I did not tell, but I guess you saw in me.

You saw me weak..

During those times, there's no other strength I have but you, Mother.
I may feel alone somehow, but let all the good memories company me.
I may look weak sometimes, but inside I want to have those strengths like yours.
I might be not perfect, but all I want to do is the best for all.

Yes, somehow I have been falling and giving up.
But I will never forget to crawl back slowly, then walk and run again.

You do not tell but I know, I see it.
I have to be your strength too.

For you Mother, and I hope it can be for everyone too.