Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Unspoken Birthday Wish for You

Dear everyone.

If you ever read this, I beg you please don't get annoyed of it. Because I am just a "common" girl who ever used to fell deep in love with young mind for the first time. The love that happens for us to get the thought of life as we learn to know about it. 

Happiness. Hurts. Laughed. Tears. Hopes. Regrets. Excitement. Frustrations. Everything, 

To You.

"If you ever read this too, you'll know that it's you, and I beg you don't get burden with it please. I was just happened to wrote this on your 21'st birthday, as remembrance of the feeling that ever happened to me. Move on to live your life and be happy please. I hope you smile everyday like you ever did the sweet smile with me. Just know that I'll never regret you."

I guess it is always like this when a girl is in love don't you think?


The song "My Cure" by Taylor Swift always reminded me of him because there is a part of his name that's mean "the cure". Indeed he has soft heart to make people calm. I'll always thought him as my cure and I hope he can be the cure of everyone too.

"Today is not your birthday, but you are still growing up. Stay healthy, stay lovely, be a cure, be a great man okey."  :)

#Childish Writing. But still, it's true. Thank You.