Monday, 20 January 2014

Has Been a While and I Can See That My Blog is Boring

Hello, and Assalamualaikum :)

Well tonight I didn't get to sleep well. There are too much words that keep mumbling around my head. Haha. It's not my head that mumbled! Its something like the words kept mumbled. Around. My Head.

Haih, in short is it just that I've been HAVING to much in my thoughts. And it really is me when it comes to midnight :3

All of sudden my thought brought me here in front of my desktop, because I suddenly reminded that I have this blog that I have kept it unwritten for such a loooong times. Eleh, its not like I have always written on this page, haha.

I know my blog is kind a boring. I wish I could write better. I wish I could express more of me. Hm.

Its now January 2014. Well welcome 2014! Aumm! Haha usually everyone will write their new determination to keep on the early page of new year. I guess I've missed that chance, I'm not even gonna write it. Bukan takde, tapi tak reti, simpan sendiri mungkin, hehe.

Currently I have already finished my studies in UKM and I know still I have a long journey ahead. I know that I should still learn. Always. Learn.

I wish I could write more in this page later on. Huhu. 

Okay till then. * Habes dah?